January 29rd All Events

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January 29th, 2008 (January 29 2008)DeathRaymond Jacobs, American soldier (born in 1925)
January 29th, 2008 (January 29 2008)DeathPhilippe Khorsand, French actor (born in 1948)
January 29th, 2007 (January 29 2007)DeathBarbaro, American thoroughbred racehorse (born in 2003)
January 29th, 2007 (January 29 2007)DeathDia Abdul Zahra Kadim, Iraqi extremist leader (born in 1970)
January 29th, 2005 (January 29 2005)EventThe first direct commercial flights from the mainland China (from Guangzhou) to Taiwan since 1949 arrived in Taipei. Shortly afterwards, a China Airlines carrier landed in Beijing.
January 29th, 2005 (January 29 2005)DeathEric Griffiths, Welsh guitarist (The Quarrymen) (born in 1940)
January 29th, 2005 (January 29 2005)DeathEphraim Kishon, Israeli satirst (born in 1924)
January 29th, 2004 (January 29 2004)DeathM. M. Kaye, British writer (born in 1908)
January 29th, 2004 (January 29 2004)DeathJanet Frame, New Zealand writer (born in 1924)
January 29th, 2003 (January 29 2003)DeathFrank Moss, American politician (born in 1911)
January 29th, 2002 (January 29 2002)EventIn his State of the Union Address, United States President George W. Bush describes "regimes that sponsor terror" as an Axis of Evil, in which he includes Iraq, Iran and North Korea.George W. Bush Quotes
January 29th, 2002 (January 29 2002)DeathDick "Night Train" Lane, American football player (born in 1928)
January 29th, 2002 (January 29 2002)DeathHarold Russell, Canadian-born actor (born in 1914)
January 29th, 2001 (January 29 2001)EventThousands of student protesters in Indonesia storm parliament and demand that President Abdurrahman Wahid resign due to alleged involvement in corruption scandals.
January 29th, 1999 (January 29 1999)DeathLili St. Cyr, American dancer (born in 1918)
January 29th, 1998 (January 29 1998)EventIn Birmingham, Alabama, a bomb explodes at an abortion clinic, killing one and severely wounding another. Serial bomber Eric Robert Rudolph is suspected as the culprit.
January 29th, 1998 (January 29 1998)DeathJoseph Alioto, mayor of San Francisco (born in 1916)
January 29th, 1996 (January 29 1996)EventPresident Jacques Chirac announces a "definitive end" to French nuclear testing.
January 29th, 1996 (January 29 1996)EventLa Fenice, Venice s opera house, is destroyed by fire.
January 29th, 1996 (January 29 1996)BirthMegan Jossa, English actress
January 29th, 1994 (January 29 1994)DeathUlrike Maier, Austrian alpine skier (born in 1967)
January 29th, 1993 (January 29 1993)BirthMichelle Larcher De Brito, Portuguese tennis player
January 29th, 1993 (January 29 1993)DeathRon Kostelnik, American football player (born in 1940)
January 29th, 1992 (January 29 1992)DeathWillie Dixon, American composer and musician (born in 1915)
January 29th, 1991 (January 29 1991)BirthHugh Grosvenor, Earl Grosvenor, Son of the Duke of Westminster
January 29th, 1991 (January 29 1991)DeathYasushi Inoue, Japanese historian (born in 1907)
January 29th, 1989 (January 29 1989)EventHungary establishes diplomatic relations with South Korea, making them the first Eastern Bloc nation to do so
January 29th, 1989 (January 29 1989)DeathHalina Konopacka, Polish athlete (born in 1900)
January 29th, 1988 (January 29 1988)BirthStephanie Gilmore, Australian professional surfer
January 29th, 1987 (January 29 1987)BirthSpencer Clark, American race car driver (died in 2006)
January 29th, 1987 (January 29 1987)BirthMatthew Wilson, English world rally driver
January 29th, 1986 (January 29 1986)BirthDrew Tyler Bell, American actor
January 29th, 1986 (January 29 1986)BirthMark Howard, English football player
January 29th, 1986 (January 29 1986)BirthSimon Vukcevic, Montenegrin football player
January 29th, 1986 (January 29 1986)BirthChris Bourque, American pro hockey player
January 29th, 1986 (January 29 1986)DeathLeif Erickson, American actor (born in 1911)
January 29th, 1985 (January 29 1985)BirthAthina Onassis, French heiress
January 29th, 1985 (January 29 1985)BirthMarc Gasol, Spanish basketball player
January 29th, 1983 (January 29 1983)BirthNedzad Sinanovic, Bosnian basketball player
January 29th, 1982 (January 29 1982)BirthHeidi Mueller, American actress
January 29th, 1981 (January 29 1981)BirthJonny Lang, American musician
January 29th, 1981 (January 29 1981)BirthAlex Ubago, Spanish musician
January 29th, 1981 (January 29 1981)BirthDario Lopilato, Argentine actor
January 29th, 1980 (January 29 1980)BirthYael Bar-Zohar, Israeli actress and model
January 29th, 1980 (January 29 1980)BirthIvan Klasnic, Croatian football player
January 29th, 1980 (January 29 1980)DeathJimmy Durante, American actor and comedian (born in 1893)Jimmy Durante Quotes
January 29th, 1979 (January 29 1979)EventBrenda Ann Spencer kills 2 and injures 9 in the Cleveland Elementary School shootings, inspiring the "I don t Like Mondays" song by Boomtown Rats.
January 29th, 1979 (January 29 1979)BirthApril Scott, American actress and model
January 29th, 1979 (January 29 1979)BirthJoseph Todd, Arena Football League player
January 29th, 1979 (January 29 1979)BirthSui Feifei, Chinese basketball player
January 29th, 1978 (January 29 1978)EventSweden outlaws aerosol sprays due to their harmful effect on the ozone layer, becoming the first nation to enact such a ban.
January 29th, 1978 (January 29 1978)BirthMartin Schmitt, German ski jumper
January 29th, 1978 (January 29 1978)BirthRob Bironas, American football player
January 29th, 1977 (January 29 1977)BirthJustin Hartley, American actor
January 29th, 1977 (January 29 1977)DeathBuster Nupen, South African cricketer (born in 1902)
January 29th, 1977 (January 29 1977)DeathFreddie Prinze, American actor and comedian (born in 1954)
January 29th, 1976 (January 29 1976)BirthCharles Divins, American model and actor
January 29th, 1975 (January 29 1975)BirthSara Gilbert, American actress
January 29th, 1973 (January 29 1973)BirthJason Schmidt, American baseball player
January 29th, 1970 (January 29 1970)BirthHeather Graham, American actress
January 29th, 1970 (January 29 1970)BirthRajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Indian shooter
January 29th, 1970 (January 29 1970)BirthJorg Hoffmann, German swimmer
January 29th, 1970 (January 29 1970)DeathBasil Liddell Hart, British historian (born in 1895)
January 29th, 1969 (January 29 1969)BirthHyde, Japanese singer
January 29th, 1969 (January 29 1969)DeathAllen Dulles, American CIA director (born in 1893)
January 29th, 1968 (January 29 1968)BirthEdward Burns, American actorEdward Burns Quotes
January 29th, 1968 (January 29 1968)BirthSusi Erdmann, German bobsledder and luger
January 29th, 1968 (January 29 1968)BirthSora Jung, Korean actress
January 29th, 1967 (January 29 1967)BirthCyril Suk, Czech tennis player
January 29th, 1967 (January 29 1967)BirthStacey King, American basketball player
January 29th, 1966 (January 29 1966)EventThe first of 608 performances of Sweet Charity opens at the Palace Theatre, New York.
January 29th, 1966 (January 29 1966)BirthRomario, Brazilian footballer
January 29th, 1966 (January 29 1966)DeathPierre Mercure, French Canadian composer (born in 1927)
January 29th, 1965 (January 29 1965)BirthDominik Hasek, Czech ice hockey player
January 29th, 1965 (January 29 1965)BirthPeter Lundgren, Swedish tennis coach
January 29th, 1964 (January 29 1964)BirthAndre Reed, American football player
January 29th, 1964 (January 29 1964)BirthJohn Habyan, American baseball player
January 29th, 1964 (January 29 1964)BirthRoddy Frame, Scottish singer (Aztec Camera)
January 29th, 1964 (January 29 1964)BirthAnna Ryder Richardson, British interior designer and television presenter
January 29th, 1964 (January 29 1964)DeathAlan Ladd, American actor (born in 1913)
January 29th, 1963 (January 29 1963)EventFirst inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame are announced.
January 29th, 1963 (January 29 1963)BirthBob Holly, American professional wrestler
January 29th, 1963 (January 29 1963)DeathRobert Frost, American poet (born in 1874)Robert Frost Quotes
January 29th, 1962 (January 29 1962)BirthNicholas Turturro, American actor
January 29th, 1962 (January 29 1962)DeathFritz Kreisler, Austrian violinist (born in 1875)
January 29th, 1960 (January 29 1960)BirthMatthew Ashford, American actor
January 29th, 1960 (January 29 1960)BirthGia Carangi, American model (died in 1986)
January 29th, 1960 (January 29 1960)BirthSean Kerly, English field hockey player
January 29th, 1960 (January 29 1960)BirthGreg Louganis, American diver
January 29th, 1960 (January 29 1960)BirthSteve Sax, American baseball player
January 29th, 1960 (January 29 1960)BirthJ. G. Thirlwell, Australian-born musician
January 29th, 1959 (January 29 1959)EventSleeping Beauty, an animated feature produced by Walt Disney based upon a fairy tale, is released.Walt Disney Quotes
January 29th, 1957 (January 29 1957)BirthGrazyna Miller, Italian poet, translator, and journalist
January 29th, 1956 (January 29 1956)DeathH. L. Mencken, American journalist (born in 1880)H. L. Mencken Quotes
January 29th, 1955 (January 29 1955)BirthEddie Jordan, American basketball player and head coach
January 29th, 1955 (January 29 1955)BirthLynne McGranger, Australian actress
January 29th, 1954 (January 29 1954)BirthRichard Manitoba, American singer (The Dictators and MC5)
January 29th, 1954 (January 29 1954)BirthTerry Kinney, American actor
January 29th, 1954 (January 29 1954)BirthOprah Winfrey, American talk show host and actressOprah Winfrey Quotes
January 29th, 1954 (January 29 1954)BirthDoug Risebrough, Canadian ice hockey player, coach and executive
January 29th, 1953 (January 29 1953)BirthPaulin Bordeleau, Quebec ice hockey player
January 29th, 1953 (January 29 1953)BirthHwang Woo-Suk, South Korean biomedical scientistAn Wang Quotes
January 29th, 1953 (January 29 1953)BirthTeresa Teng, Taiwanese singer (died in 1995)
January 29th, 1953 (January 29 1953)BirthLynne McGranger, Australian actress
January 29th, 1952 (January 29 1952)BirthTommy Ramone, Hungarian-born musician and record producer (The Ramones)
January 29th, 1951 (January 29 1951)BirthAndy Roberts, West Indian cricketer
January 29th, 1951 (January 29 1951)DeathFrank Tarrant, Australian cricketer (born in 1880)
January 29th, 1950 (January 29 1950)BirthAnn Jillian, American actress
January 29th, 1950 (January 29 1950)BirthJody Scheckter, South African race car driver
January 29th, 1950 (January 29 1950)DeathAhmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait (born in 1885)
January 29th, 1948 (January 29 1948)BirthCristina Saralegui, American talk-show host
January 29th, 1948 (January 29 1948)BirthMarc Singer, Canadian-born actor
January 29th, 1948 (January 29 1948)BirthPat Kenny, Irish TV presenter & radio host
January 29th, 1948 (January 29 1948)DeathTomislav II of Croatia, 4th Duke of Aosta, Italian aristocrat (born in 1900)
January 29th, 1947 (January 29 1947)BirthLinda B. Buck, American scientist, Nobel laureate
January 29th, 1947 (January 29 1947)BirthDavid Byron, English singer (Uriah Heep) (died in 1985)
January 29th, 1947 (January 29 1947)BirthMarian Varga, Slovak musician
January 29th, 1946 (January 29 1946)DeathHarry Hopkins, 8th United States Secretary of Commerce (born in 1890)
January 29th, 1945 (January 29 1945)BirthJim Nicholson, Irish politician
January 29th, 1945 (January 29 1945)BirthTom Selleck, American actor
January 29th, 1944 (January 29 1944)EventUSS Missouri the last battleship commissioned by the US Navy is launched.
January 29th, 1944 (January 29 1944)EventWorld War II: The Battle of Cisterna takes place in central Italy.
January 29th, 1944 (January 29 1944)EventWorld War II: About 38 men, women, and children die in the Koniuchy massacre in Poland.
January 29th, 1944 (January 29 1944)EventIn Bologna, Italy, the Anatomical Theatre of the Archiginnasio is destroyed in an air-raid bombing
January 29th, 1944 (January 29 1944)BirthYoweri Museveni, President of Uganda
January 29th, 1943 (January 29 1943)EventThe first day of the Battle of Rennell Island, U.S. cruiser Chicago is torpedoed and heavily damaged by Japanese bombers.
January 29th, 1942 (January 29 1942)BirthClaudine Longet, French singer, dancer and convicted murderer
January 29th, 1941 (January 29 1941)BirthRobin Morgan, American feminist and activist
January 29th, 1941 (January 29 1941)DeathIoannis Metaxas, Greek general and dictator (born in 1871)
January 29th, 1940 (January 29 1940)EventThree gasoline multiple units carrying factory workers crash and explode while approaching Ajikawaguchi station, Yumesaki Line (Nishinari Line), Osaka, Japan, killing at least 181 people and injuring at least 92. Saki Quotes
January 29th, 1940 (January 29 1940)BirthKatharine Ross, American actress
January 29th, 1940 (January 29 1940)BirthKunimitsu Takahashi, Japanese motorcycle racer and racing driver
January 29th, 1939 (January 29 1939)BirthGermaine Greer, Australian writerGermaine Greer Quotes
January 29th, 1936 (January 29 1936)EventThe first inductees into the Baseball Hall of Fame are announced.
January 29th, 1936 (January 29 1936)BirthJames Jamerson, American bass guitarist for Motown Records (died in 1983)
January 29th, 1934 (January 29 1934)DeathFritz Haber, German chemist, Nobel Laureate (born in 1868)
January 29th, 1933 (January 29 1933)BirthSacha Distel, French singer and guitarist (died in 2004)
January 29th, 1933 (January 29 1933)BirthRon Townson, American singer (The 5th Dimension) (died in 2001)
January 29th, 1933 (January 29 1933)DeathSara Teasdale, American poet (born in 1884)Sara Teasdale Quotes
January 29th, 1932 (January 29 1932)BirthTommy Taylor, English footballer (died in 1958)
January 29th, 1932 (January 29 1932)BirthGeorge Allen, English footballer
January 29th, 1930 (January 29 1930)BirthDerek Bailey, English guitar virtuoso (died in 2005)
January 29th, 1930 (January 29 1930)BirthJohn Junkin, English radio, television and film performer (died in 2006)
January 29th, 1929 (January 29 1929)BirthGordon Solie, American professional wrestling announcer (died in 2000)
January 29th, 1928 (January 29 1928)BirthLee Shau Kee, Hong Kong property developer
January 29th, 1928 (January 29 1928)DeathDouglas Haig, British soldier (born in 1861)
January 29th, 1927 (January 29 1927)BirthEdward Abbey, American author and environmentalist (died in 1989)Edward Abbey Quotes
January 29th, 1926 (January 29 1926)BirthFranco Cerri, Italian musician
January 29th, 1926 (January 29 1926)BirthAbdus Salam, Pakistani physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1996)
January 29th, 1924 (January 29 1924)BirthLuigi Nono, Italian composer (died in 1990)
January 29th, 1924 (January 29 1924)BirthMarcelle Ferron, Quebec painter and stained glass artist (died in 2001)Marcelle Ferron Quotes
January 29th, 1924 (January 29 1924)BirthPeter Voulkos, American artist (died in 2002)
January 29th, 1923 (January 29 1923)BirthPaddy Chayefsky, American writer (died in 1981)
January 29th, 1923 (January 29 1923)BirthIvo Robic, Croatian singer and songwriter (died in 2000)
January 29th, 1922 (January 29 1922)BirthGerda Steinhoff, Nazi concetration camp supervisor (died in 1946)
January 29th, 1921 (January 29 1921)BirthAnthony George, American actor (died in 2005)
January 29th, 1920 (January 29 1920)BirthJose Luis de Villalonga, Spanish aristocrat (died in 2007)
January 29th, 1918 (January 29 1918)BirthJohn Forsythe, American actor
January 29th, 1918 (January 29 1918)DeathAleksei Maksimovich Kaledin, Russian-counter revolutionary (born in 1861)
January 29th, 1916 (January 29 1916)EventWorld War I: Paris is first bombed by German zeppelins.
January 29th, 1915 (January 29 1915)BirthJohn Serry, Sr., American musician and arranger (died in 2003)
January 29th, 1913 (January 29 1913)BirthVictor Mature, American actor (died in 1999)
January 29th, 1913 (January 29 1913)BirthDaniel Taradash, American screenwriter (died in 2003)
January 29th, 1913 (January 29 1913)BirthPeter von Zahn, German journalist and writer (died in 2001)
January 29th, 1911 (January 29 1911)BirthPeter von Siemens, German industrialist (died in 1986)
January 29th, 1910 (January 29 1910)BirthColin Middleton, Irish artist (died in 1983)
January 29th, 1906 (January 29 1906)DeathKing Christian IX of Denmark (born in 1818)
January 29th, 1905 (January 29 1905)BirthBarnett Newman, American painter (died in 1970)
January 29th, 1901 (January 29 1901)BirthAllen B. DuMont, American scientist and inventor (died in 1965)
January 29th, 1901 (January 29 1901)DeathMilan I, King of Serbia (born in 1855)
January 29th, 1900 (January 29 1900)EventThe American League is organized in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with 8 founding teams.
January 29th, 1899 (January 29 1899)DeathAlfred Sisley, British impressionist painter (born in 1839)
January 29th, 1895 (January 29 1895)BirthMuna Lee, American poet (died in 1965)
January 29th, 1891 (January 29 1891)EventLiliuokalani is proclaimed Queen of Hawaii, its last monarch.
January 29th, 1891 (January 29 1891)BirthElizaveta Gerdt, Russian ballerina (died in 1975)
January 29th, 1891 (January 29 1891)BirthR. Norris Williams, American survivor of the RMS Titanic sinking (died in 1968)William King Quotes
January 29th, 1886 (January 29 1886)EventKarl Benz patents the first successful gasoline-driven automobile.
January 29th, 1880 (January 29 1880)BirthW.C. Fields, American actor (died in 1946)
January 29th, 1877 (January 29 1877)BirthGeorges Catroux, French general (died in 1969)
January 29th, 1876 (January 29 1876)BirthHavergal Brian, British composer (died in 1972)
January 29th, 1874 (January 29 1874)BirthJohn D. Rockefeller Jr., American entrepreneur (died in 1960)John D. Rockefeller Quotes
January 29th, 1871 (January 29 1871)DeathPhilippe-Joseph Aubert de Gaspe, French Canadian writer and Seigneur (born in 1786)
January 29th, 1870 (January 29 1870)DeathLeopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany (born in 1797)
January 29th, 1867 (January 29 1867)BirthVicente Blasco Ibanez, Spanish writer (died in 1928)
January 29th, 1866 (January 29 1866)BirthRomain Rolland, French writer, Nobel Laureate (died in 1944)Romain Rolland Quotes
January 29th, 1863 (January 29 1863)EventBear River Massacre.
January 29th, 1862 (January 29 1862)BirthFrederick Delius, English composer (died in 1934)
January 29th, 1861 (January 29 1861)EventKansas admitted as the 34th U.S. state.
January 29th, 1860 (January 29 1860)BirthAnton Chekhov, Russian writer (died in 1904)
January 29th, 1856 (January 29 1856)EventQueen Victoria institutes the Victoria Cross.
January 29th, 1850 (January 29 1850)EventHenry Clay introduces the Compromise of 1850 to the U.S. Congress.Henry Clay Quotes
January 29th, 1846 (January 29 1846)BirthKarol Olszewski, Polish scientist (died in 1915)
January 29th, 1845 (January 29 1845)Event"The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe is published in the New York Evening Mirror.Edgar Allan Poe Quotes
January 29th, 1843 (January 29 1843)BirthWilliam McKinley, 25th President of the United States (died in 1901)William McKinley Quotes
January 29th, 1834 (January 29 1834)EventUS President Andrew Jackson orders first use of federal soldiers to suppress a labor dispute.Andrew Jackson Quotes
January 29th, 1829 (January 29 1829)DeathPaul Francois Jean Nicolas Barras, French politician (born in 1755)
January 29th, 1820 (January 29 1820)DeathKing George III of the United Kingdom (born in 1738) George III of the United Kingdom Quotes
January 29th, 1814 (January 29 1814)EventFrance defeats Russia and Prussia in the Battle of Brienne.
January 29th, 1810 (January 29 1810)BirthErnst Kummer, German mathematician (died in 1893)
January 29th, 1801 (January 29 1801)BirthHoratia Nelson, daughter of Emma Hamilton and Horatio Nelson (died in 1881)Horatio Nelson Quotes
January 29th, 1782 (January 29 1782)BirthDaniel Auber, French composer (died in 1871)
January 29th, 1763 (January 29 1763)DeathLouis Racine, French poet (born in 1692)
January 29th, 1761 (January 29 1761)BirthAlbert Gallatin, Swiss-American United States Secretary of the Treasury
January 29th, 1756 (January 29 1756)BirthHenry Lee III, American General
January 29th, 1754 (January 29 1754)BirthMoses Cleaveland, founder of Cleveland (died in 1806)
January 29th, 1749 (January 29 1749)BirthKing Christian VII of Denmark (died in 1808)
January 29th, 1743 (January 29 1743)DeathAndre-Hercule de Fleury, chief minister under Louis XV of France (born in 1653)
January 29th, 1737 (January 29 1737)BirthThomas Paine, English-born American patriot (died in 1809)Thomas Paine Quotes
January 29th, 1737 (January 29 1737)DeathGeorge Hamilton, 1st Earl of Orkney, British soldier (born in 1666)
January 29th, 1718 (January 29 1718)BirthPaul Rabaut, French Huguenot pastor (died in 1794)
January 29th, 1717 (January 29 1717)BirthJeffrey Amherst, British military leader (died in 1797)
January 29th, 1715 (January 29 1715)BirthGeorg Christoph Wagenseil, Austrian composer (died in 1777)
January 29th, 1711 (January 29 1711)BirthGiuseppe Bonno, Austrian composer (died in 1788)
January 29th, 1706 (January 29 1706)DeathCharles Sackville, 6th Earl of Dorset, English poet and courtier (born in 1638)
January 29th, 1696 (January 29 1696)DeathIvan V, Russian tsar (born in 1666)
January 29th, 1688 (January 29 1688)BirthEmanuel Swedenborg, Swedish scientist and philosopher (died in 1772)Emanuel Swedenborg Quotes
January 29th, 1678 (January 29 1678)DeathJeronimo Lobo, Portuguese Jesuit missionary (born in 1593)
January 29th, 1676 (January 29 1676)EventFeodor III becomes Tsar of Russia.
January 29th, 1676 (January 29 1676)DeathTsar Alexis I of Russia (born in 1629)
January 29th, 1647 (January 29 1647)DeathFrancis Meres, English writer (born in 1565)
January 29th, 1632 (January 29 1632)BirthJohann Georg Graevius, German classical scholar and critic (died in 1703)
January 29th, 1608 (January 29 1608)DeathFrederick I, Duke of Wurttemberg (born in 1557)
January 29th, 1597 (January 29 1597)DeathElias Ammerbach, German organist (born in 1530)
January 29th, 1595 (January 29 1595)EventWilliam Shakespeare s play Romeo and Juliet is probably first performed.William Shakespeare Quotes
January 29th, 1584 (January 29 1584)BirthFrederick Henry, Prince of Orange (died in 1647)
January 29th, 1342 (January 29 1342)DeathLouis I, Duke of Bourbon (born in 1279)
January 29th, 1240 (January 29 1240)DeathPelagio Galvani, Cardinal-Bishop of Albano (born in va. 1165)
January 29th, 1119 (January 29 1119)DeathPope Gelasius II
January 29th, 0904 (January 29 0904)EventSergius III comes out of retirement to take over the papacy from the deposed antipope Christopher.

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